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When I have attended functions with big wigs who sip scotch and discuss racehorses, sailing, and Rolexes (or at least I imagine they discuss these pastimes between toasting to Wall Street corruption), I have always felt uneasy in my JC Penney suit and my true gold class ring that I got for free and never would have paid for, distinctly judging their fat cat ways.

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“I think it would be worthwhile perhaps if we had an item on the agenda where we could get some type of presentation of where our state stands in terms of school security,” he said. The latest offer from GOP House Speaker John Boehner (Continue reading…) CARSON CITY – Gov.

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Take your time to meet them, pick the one you like, unwind, feel free to taste all that they can offer you.

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In a Senate Finance Committee hearing, Senator Thomas Gore (D-OK) asked Secretary of Labor Frances Perkins, "Isn't this socialism?

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The DJ’s job is to read the crowd, so he or she can help you set the mood if things are going in the wrong direction. To learn more about Wedding Wire and their catalog of songs, Wedding